Workers Compensation Attorney in Fayetteville, NC

workers compensation attorney Fayetteville, NC
Since the start of his legal career in 1982, Attorney Reed N. Noble has represented numerous clients who were hurt on the job, or suffered an occupational disease with their Workers' Compensation claims. This area of practice is extremely complicated. There are many challenges which the employee must meet before the insurance company for the employer agrees to pay compensation. At The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC “We plot your destination, and navigate your course" as we pass through the changing currents involved in the process of representing you with your Workers' Compensation claim. Our services include representing your interests against your employer's insurance company, assisting you with obtaining the appropriate medical treatment, appearing at an initial hearing before a Deputy Commissioner, and representing you at any Workers' Compensation appeal. The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC will not only assist you with the development and presentation of your case, but with the negotiation of any financial liens upon your recovery.
The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC will review your “statement” to your employer as well as any medical records you have at "no charge" to see if you have a meritorious case. You will be completely informed of all steps necessary to make your claim for damages and to "maximize your recovery" without any "obligation" to use our professional services.
The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC handles all Workers' Compensation cases on a "contingent fee basis." This means that you do not have any financial risk using our services. We don't get paid unless you get your claim paid. There is a helpful article listed on the menu to the right which may give you some additional information about your specific Workers' Compensation matter.
Please contact us at 910-551-1926, or email us at to receive your "Free Consultation" and see how "We plot your destination and navigate your course."