Traffic Litigation

The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC handles all type of traffic matters in both the North Carolina State Courts, and the Federal (Magistrate Court) Systems.
We serve clients with traffic matters in Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Harnett, Lee and Moore counties in the N.C. State Justice System. We serve clients with traffic and criminal matters in the Federal Justice System in the Eastern District of N.C.
Some of the most common traffic offenses we handle are as follows:
  • Careless & Reckless Driving
  • Driving with License Revoked or Suspended
  • DWI
  • Habitual DWI
  • Exceeding a Safe Speed
  • Failure to Reduce Speed
  • Following too Closely
  • Hit & Run
  • No Operators License
  • Racing
  • Speeding
  • Stop Sign/Light Violations
  • Unsafe Movement
Some of the most common traffic services we perform are as follows:
  • Division of Motor Vehicle Restoration Hearings
  • Driver's License Clean-up and Reinstatement
  • Limited Driving Privileges
  • Expunction of Traffic Records
  • Motions for Appropriate Relief
Traffic officer - Traffic litigation in Fayetteville, NC
Our firm will help you to minimize or negate the effect of your traffic offense on your license and your insurance, by a combination of “plea bargaining” to lesser offenses, citation modification to “non-moving” violations, and the use of a “prayer for judgment continued” to insure that no final conviction is entered against you from which insurance points or driver's license points can be assessed. Finally, we try cases where appropriate and put the State of North Carolina and the United States Government to task.
In most cases, The Reed Noble Law Firm, PLLC can usually "Waive your Mandatory Court Appearance" as part of our legal services at "No Additional Charge", and "Payment Plans" are always available to you for your convenience.
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